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SafeComs is a leader in computer and security consulting services.

Small and medium enterprise companies today are facing threats from both sides of the law. On one side are the hackers, fraudsters, virus makers and disgruntled employees who will steal your data, sabotage your systems and potentially ruin your business. On the other side are government bodies imposing new rules and regulations, backed by significant legal penalties for those who don't comply.

SafeComs is here to help you protect your company from both sides of the battle line.

The product and service offerings at Safecoms are a unique blend of existing computer security systems, which were only available to big business, mixed together with internally developed applications to create a perfect combination targeting SMBs, all backed up by years of expertise in the field of Information Systems Security and delivered according to a model of reliability usually only available to large corporations.

SafeComs innovative data security solutions for small and medium enterprises are second to none. We have been leaders in the field of computer security systems since 1999. Our expertise is unsurpassed and we now have the next generation of Business Data Solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of the small and medium business market.

Now you can benefit from the same level of security and backup support that Fortune 500 companies enjoy. SafeComs state-of-the-art peace of mind. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Phishing Phil

Internet Security - Test

Learn to avoid phishing SCAM with phishing Phil

This is a small game to play and see if you could be a target to phishing scam, it was developed by Carnegie Mellon University and you can access it here on their website. Help fight the phishing SCAM by getting your employees to play the game!

Safe Computing

Ten steps to Internet Security.

Step 1 - Updated anti-virus.
It is the first important step, to have a genuine Antivirus that will automatically update in real time. It is also important to realise that Antivirus can only catch a percentage of what is dangerous. 

Step 2 - OS patched.
Having a Genuine Operating Software and turn on auto patch is also mandatory. It will prevent your computer from being infected with propagating worms using old vulnerabilities

Step 3 - Care with attachment.
Don't open attachment you do not expect or if you don't know what they are, even if the sender is known to you. Viruses are sent using a spoofed email address and might look like the come from a friend

Step 4 - Install and use a firewall
If possible use a hardware firewall, virus are known to have the power to disable software firewalls so infected machines can then be hacked

Step 5 - Make REGULAR backups
You should regularly use an automated backup, like smart sync for PC or Time Capsule for you Mac.
This will create a copy of your important files. In addition, a Business should also have an Off Site Backup strategy where you contract a company to make Backup of your Data and take them off site and stored them in a fireproof safe.

Step 6 - Use strong passwords
Use a password that contains a min of 8 characters with symbols and numbers. This would slow down a password cracker. Passwords that are shorter than 8 characters can be cracked in a matter of minutes.

Step 7 - Care when downloading
Use extreme care when dowwloading files and installing programs. Only use trusted source, do not install cracked software, they usually come with keyloggers to steel your business passwords or bank details.

Step 8 - Use legal software.
Apart from the risk you are running being raided by the BSA, using illegal software is plain wrong, gives the wrong message to your employees or colleagues and promote a company culture where everything is acceptable, This could easily backfire on you when your employees will think it is ok to copy your customer lists etc... The other side of the coin is the risk of criminal activity embedded in these cracked software, you could be setting yourself up for a serious risk of data theft from your company.

Step 9 - Encrypt your Files
Nobody believes their data is at risk, until they leave their laptop in a taxi or at the security check at the airport. By then, you probably hate the feeling that you have no recent backup but worse, you might have lost some extremely confidential data and you never know who will find them. Install and use a file encryption program, encrypting at least your document area.

Step 10 - Be informed.
Read publications on Internet Security, be aware of the dangers, know the risks and the threats, they are changing all the time. Use the latest browsers like Firefox 3.0 which has automatic detection of phishing scam and other malware.

Why Safecoms?

We care about your business

No problem is too small or company too little to work in a partnership with us. We believe we have the right competence to help small businesses as well. We will analyse your business requirements and bring you our ideas to complement your requirements. Together we will bring the best solutions for your business.

We are Friendly and Flexible

We at SafeComs are flexible and very friendly to work with. We Practice the Agile method of software development. Once involved into a project, we focus exclusively on the business challenges of our customer and work on delivering product quality, adhering to agreed schedules and budget.

We are highly Competent

Our Software development division is backed by a team of highly trained and competent IT experts with innovative ideas and dynamic actions, coming from different parts of the world and mainly Thailand. We adopt the state of the art infrastructure and methodology so that you can expect fast results and high quality applications.

Your success is our passion!

Once developed, all Software applications, and particularly innovative ones, require ongoing leadership and management. Trust us to provide high quality implementation worthy of your organisation, with hard work, unfailing persistence and attention to details.

We support Agile technology

Safecoms fully embrace the Agile method for software and application development. read more of the definition of Agile methodology to understand our motivation and modus operandi.

SafeComs, based in Bangkok Thailand, is a leader in consulting services on Internet Security and computer systems network. SafeComs design affordable Internet Security solutions in a totally outsourced model. Our clients are not required to employ competent IT staff to manage and monitor their systems and Network, we take care of it all.

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Safecoms in based in Bangkok, Thailand. We however publish our articles with a global view of the security on the Internet in Asia.

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